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关于”丁克的看法“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:DINK's view。以下是关于丁克的看法的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:DINK's view

The top ten reasons for choosing DINK's family are that DINK's world is too chaotic and the social competition is cruel. They don't want to let their children suffer and make the same mistakes. They must seize the competitive job market, do not want to give up their career, and want to freely choose their own way of life as a result of long-term efforts.

The two worlds are happy enough to have a stable marriage, and we do not want children to suffer The constraints of economic conditions are not enough to give children a stable and healthy living environment, feel the fun of life, diversity, no child with the same happiness, grandchildren also have other happy, contemporary parenting is very difficult, and may not come back, the children themselves may not be happy, so would rather not always think that the value of life is only to raise children Now, for example, we have some young people around our parents and take care of the elderly at home. Their nannies don't like children and are afraid that women will have children, so I don't want children.




In the traditional Chinese concept, it is not acceptable to have no offspring because they will be looked down upon and the family will feel ashamed. However, in modern society, the younger generation has received foreign education. They think in an open way.

Some people begin to think about becoming dinks because they like freedom and want to enjoy life. Having children not only takes time and money, but also needs to take great responsibility. It is the mission of DINK people to take good care of children and set a good example.

This is the mission of DINK people's life Go anywhere and live for yourself, because people are under great pressure. Younger people have the idea of becoming a DINK. This is their choice.

If they are not ready to become parents, then be a DINK.




The traditional idea in China is to inherit the genealogy, especially for men. They have the responsibility to marry and have children, so that their genealogy can continue. However, with the development of society, the concept of young people has changed.

They don't want to have children in their early 20s. Some people don't even want their whole life. We call them DINK people, which means double income and disagree with DINK.

Children think that there are three forms of unfiliality, the worst of which is that there are no descendants in traditional Chinese thought when people marry When they get married, the sooner they have children, the better. It will be the best to have a boy. In addition, when parents raise you and grow up, they only hope to get one thing: grandchildren, we should not let them degenerate.

Those who support DINK think that having children is their own choice, unfilial is nonsense. Having children is a big deal for couples. Once they have children, they must consider everything It means spending more money and less time enjoying it.

What's worse, it's impossible to enjoy the lover's world. Breastfeeding is a terrible thing for them. They will try their best to convince their parents that they are dinks.

It's good enough for them. People have the right to choose the life they want. We should not judge people with old beliefs, We should abandon our old beliefs and live a life that makes us truly happy.



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