熊猫的英文介绍_Introduction to pandas 4篇

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熊猫的英文介绍_Introduction to pandas 4篇

关于”熊猫的介绍“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Introduction to pandas。以下是关于熊猫的介绍的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to pandas

Jack the panda Black) is recognized as the laziest animal in peace, just like a powerful enemy invading Pinggu. All the animals in the valley of the college will hold a Wushu expert meeting to lead everyone to choose a people to fight against the enemy and defend the motherland. When the meeting was held, the masters on the scene were shocked to find that this seemingly useless panda was unexpectedly Just about to save Pinggu's life, dastine Hoffman, Pinggu's "bear", takes ah Hua, the owner of grandma panda, naturally stubborn and shows a master of Kung Fu.

Master Xiansheng has to face this headache of regret. In the process of progress, ah Hua's students take him to train a martial artist. There is a monkey master (Jackie Chan) beside him, who is a high-powered and agile martial arts player His task is to constantly remind ah Hua of his futility.

Another master, viper (Liu Lucy), is more magical in martial arts. He can not only change his gender, but also exert great instantaneous power. Under the guidance of martial arts experts, all of his instructors defeated the powerful enemy at that time.

Pinggu's future is uncertain.


熊猫阿瓦(Jack Black)是和平里公认的最懒的动物,恰似一个强大的敌人入侵平谷,学院山谷里所有的动物都要举行武术专家大会,带领大家选出一个人民抗击敌人和保卫祖国的时候,阿波罗不慎进入了比赛,大会召开时,在场的大师们都震惊地发现:这只看起来没用的熊猫竟然刚刚要拯救整个平谷的生命,而平谷集“熊”达斯汀·霍夫曼将熊猫阿婆的主人阿华天生倔强,表现出一身功夫的高手仙生大师不得不面对这一缺憾的头痛进步的过程中,阿华的学生带着他去训练一个武术家阿华的身边有一个猴子大师(成龙)一个武术高强、敏捷的战士,他的任务就是不断提醒阿华无用的阿华,另一个大师毒蛇(刘露茜)更是武功神奇:不仅能不断改变性别,但同时也能发挥出巨大的瞬间力量,阿华的指导员们都是在武林高手的指导下战胜了当时强大的敌人,平谷的前途未卜。


Kung Fu Panda, starring Jack Black's voiced panda o Wave is a dreamer who loves to eat noodles. He lives in a daydream all day long. In order to become a legendary dragon fighter, he must first learn to face his real self and accept their simple and ordinary movies.

The dialogue GAGs are flawed and the action scenes are dazzling. The animation is the first-class. KFC will provide you with a moving story, which is exciting and absolutely enjoyable for young people aged.


《功夫熊猫》,主演杰克·布莱克配音的熊猫o wave,是一个爱吃面条的梦想家,终日生活在白日梦中,为了成为传奇的龙斗士,他首先要学会面对真实的自我,接受他们朴素而平凡的电影对白花絮有缺陷,动作场面令人眼花缭乱,动画是第一流的肯德基将为您提供一个动人的故事,令人振奋的绝对享受年轻人和老年人。


The most important thing is that it symbolizes in the simplest way that there are no shortcuts and cheaters in the world. The only winner is that they believe in what they do more and don't want to repeat the story, because it really looks at the process very well, and Huiyi people laugh frequently, The whole atmosphere is very relaxed. After leaving this movie, it is very authentic, and it is not interpreted by Westerners at all.

No matter which story or emotion is conveyed, no matter what picture or details are, they all move eastward. The only special thing is that when it comes to modernity, for example, kung fu panda looks like a kung fu novel, which is developed according to the Chinese plot It's about a fat panda's dream of becoming a kung fu master. Coincidentally, Bao (panda) has also experienced a series of films.

Among them, the most touching is a series of Chinese elements. From the name, we can know that this is a movie for Chinese Kung Fu and panda, not only Kung Fu and panda, but also other Chinese elements, For example, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese houses, acupuncture, erhu, calligraphy and so on. It can become a leader in the box office in North America.

It can attract foreigners. It is not only the reason for this film, but also full of philosophical dialogues. The tortoise says "no accident".

A Bao's father described this in the secret soup: "to make something special, you just need to believe it is special ”"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." it tells us to make good use of today as China's year. Kung Fu Panda also lets international friends know more about Chinese culture and connotation.



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