我的未来英语作文_My future 3篇

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我的未来英语作文_My future 3篇

关于”我的未来“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My future。以下是关于我的未来的六年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My future

My future sometimes I think about my future, but I'm always a little scared, because I don't know what kind of person I will be. In the future, I know that my ambition is to be a famous musician because I want to give people a lot of interesting music. When you are sad, music can help you, when you are bored, music can help you when you are nervous Can help you when I was a little girl, I like music very much.

I also like playing violin and piano. I still like it. Learning music is very interesting.

It's a good way to relax. I don't need pop music. I don't need everyone to like it.

I know it's not easy to be a good musician, but I will work hard and believe I can do it Music is my friend. I hope my future is happy. I hope everyone has a bright future ····················································································································································· From the rural life, I will feel that the happiest social life, simple is what I want to pursue, so I really don't need too many friends.

These are just empty talk. If I am free to achieve my goal now, I must emphasize to exercise my body and mind. This is a highly competitive society.

In this society, everyone is eager to stand out, which is not only physical and mental strength The competition is also a marathon of patience and faith. The unremitting life is not all roses. But with the equipment of my top teachers in this elite school, I definitely deserve a bright future.


我的未来有时我会想到我的未来,但我总是有点害怕,因为我不知道我会成为什么样的人,在未来,我知道,我的志向是成为一名著名的音乐家因为我想给人们很多有趣的音乐当你悲伤时,音乐可以帮助你当你感到无聊的时候音乐可以帮助你当你紧张的时候,音乐可以帮助你 当我还是个小女孩的时候,我非常喜欢音乐,我还喜欢拉小提琴和钢琴我仍然喜欢它,学习音乐很有趣这是一种很好的放松方式我不需要流行的音乐非常非常不需要所有的人都喜欢它,我知道,做一个好的音乐人不容易,但我会努力工作,相信我能做到音乐是我的朋友我希望我的未来是幸福的希望每个人都有一个美好的未来 ················································性格特点,我的理想生活是科学家,研究,讲学,写书,因为我来自一个农家,我特别喜欢亲近地球,如果我能负担得起在农村的田园生活,我会觉得最幸福的社会生活,简单是我要追求的,所以我真的不需要太多的朋友这些都只是空谈如果我现在闲着去实现我的目标,我必须强调锻炼我的身心这是一个高度竞争的社会,在这个社会里每个人都渴望出人头地,这不仅是体力和脑力的竞争,也是耐心、信念的马拉松,坚持不懈的生活并不都是玫瑰,但以我在这所精英学校的顶尖老师们的装备,我肯定值得拥有一个光明的前景。


I have been working hard for a better future. I imagine what my life will be like in the years to come. I will play an important role in my family.

I will take care of my parents. Maybe I will get married and have children in my spare time. I will talk with my good friends about the past school life.

We can do other things, such as gardening and yoga More importantly, I will have a job and face new challenges. I think I will become a doctor and help patients, but not least, maybe I will have a robot that can help me a lot in my daily life. In short, I hope my life will be better in the years.


我一直在为美好的未来而努力,我想象着我的生活在未来的岁月里会是什么样子的,我会在我的家庭中扮演重要的角色我会照顾我的父母也许我会在我的空闲时间结婚生子,我会和我的好朋友们一起谈论过去的学校生活我们也可以做其他的事情,比如园艺和做瑜伽更重要的是,我会有一份工作并面临新的挑战我想我会成为一名医生,帮助病人,但并非最不重要的是,也许我会有一个机器人,它可以在我的日常生活中帮助我很多 总之,我希望我的生活在岁月中会更好。


A person's life is a process of growth. In fact, standing here is a process of growth. If a person's life must be composed of various choices, then I will grow up with these choices.

Once I hoped to be able to enter the University in the future, but that has passed. You know, I came here. Now I want to know what the future of my coming to this school will be like I said: This is my near future, everything starts from here, I want to learn to be a man, a complete man, he has a good body, can undertake important tasks, have independent thinking, open mind, be good at thinking, have the ability to judge right and wrong, have a perfect job once my teacher said: you are not sewing, you are a designer, never Forget that what you should show people is your thoughts, not your skills.

I will put my personality and my interests and abilities in my study. In this process, I will combine learning with practice. If I can realize this future, I think I really grow up.

I deeply believe that family affection, friendship and love will be perfect and happy in the future. How to say the future may be a good wish Let's make up our minds, stick to it and enjoy our life.



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