介绍熊猫的英语作文_Introduce Panda 3篇

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介绍熊猫的英语作文_Introduce Panda 3篇

关于”介绍熊猫“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduce Panda。以下是关于介绍熊猫的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce Panda

A study by scientists in the Qinling Mountains in Northwest China shows that China's endangered giant pandas have been threatened by slow reproduction and rapid habitat loss, and now they are also at risk of losing their staple food bamboo, a team from the United States and China warned in the journal international signs of natural climate change that with global warming, about one fifth of them are "Unless they can find alternative food resources, pandas may face food shortages." In environmental protection work, giant panda is a picky eater. Percent of its diet is made up of up to kilos of bamboo a day. This means that the survival of this iconic black-and-white bear is closely related to its lush bamboo habitat.

According to a statement of the study, the researchers predicted that three kinds of bamboo would make up almost all of the food for giant pandas in Qinling Mountains. The results showed that almost all of the giant panda habitats in the area would disappear by the end of the century, "said the author of the study The calculations are based on the international panel on climate Change) predicts that by the end of the century, temperatures will rise by 2 ° C to 5 ° C in summer and 3 ° C to 8 ° C in winter. These forecasts are checked with rainfall and greenhouse gas emission data and historical growth patterns to consider the future of bamboo, where deforestation is threatening the survival of about half of the world's bamboo species.

The distribution of bamboo has historically fluctuated with modern climate changes, and while other regions have become more suitable for bamboo growth, these will be remote, outside the current network of giant panda reserves, the researchers said. The results should be used to "actively plan to protect areas where there is a better climate opportunity to provide adequate food sources, or to start building natural 'bridges' to allow the giant panda to escape the bamboo famine," the authors wrote.



这意味着这只标志性的黑白熊的生存与繁茂的竹子栖息地密切相关。竹子本身的繁殖率也很低,每到年才开花一次,这就意味着它根据这项研究的一份声明,研究人员根据为这项研究收集的数据预测,三种竹子几乎构成了秦岭大熊猫的全部食物,结果表明,到世纪末,该地区几乎所有的大熊猫栖息地都可能消失,“这项研究的作者写道,这些计算是基于政府间气候变化专门委员会(international Panel on Climate Change)预测的,到本世纪末,夏季气温将上升2℃至5℃,冬季为3°C至8°C这些预测与降雨量和温室气体排放数据以及历史增长模式进行了核对,以考虑竹子的未来,森林砍伐正威胁着全世界大约一半的竹子物种的生存。研究人员说,竹子的分布在历史上一直随着现代气候的变化而波动,尽管其他地区的气候变得更适合竹子生长,这些将是遥远的,不在目前的大熊猫保护区网络之外。



Giant panda is a kind of black-and-white coat color, with a unique and lively animal. Its Latin name: Giant Panda means that it looks black and white. It has been controversial for a century.

Recent DNA analysis shows that it is now widely accepted as Ursidae in the world. The classification of giant panda subfamily has gradually been recognized by the state, and the transmission of giant panda in individual countries is also gradually recognized In the taxonomic part, it represents an early branch of the family ailuropodae. The adult giant panda is about ee5aeb cm and weighs kg.

Its unique features include: large flat molar teeth, which have been developed into a wrist "false thumb", which is specially used to adapt to the life of bamboo. The other six kinds of bears, pandas and sun bears do not hibernate.


大熊猫是一种黑白相间的毛色,有着独特而活泼的动物其拉丁名:大熊猫,意思是它看起来黑白相间的大熊猫品种是一个世纪以来的争议,最近的DNA分析显示,现在它被国际上广泛接受为熊科,大熊猫的亚科分类,也逐渐得到了国家的认可,单独国家对大熊猫的传统分类部分它代表了熊猫科早期的一个分支成年大熊猫约ee5aeb cm,体重kg的独特特征包括:大而平的臼齿,它已经发展成手腕“假拇指”,专门用来适应竹子的生活,其他六种不同的熊、熊猫和太阳熊都没有冬眠的行为。


According to research, the giant panda is a carnivore, known as tapir, white leopard and jade in ancient times. During the early recovery of the world from more than a million years ago to a million years ago, the world's giant pandas were widely distributed in the southern half of China, forming the giant panda stegododon fauna. Nowadays, there are many kinds of animal groups, but the giant panda has been living.

Therefore, the giant panda has a kind of "living fossil", which is called giant panda According to the classification of carnivores, they belong to mammals, but their diet is highly specialized. They become vegetarian living bamboos in the habitat of wild giant pandas. When they grow to a certain stage for marriage and childbirth, namely, high temperature, courtship, mating, pregnancy and child rearing, they are usually lonely habitats for giant pandas.

In the breeding season, the males and females attract each other, singing one after another in the dense bamboo forest In the love story, the giant panda begins to engage in various courtship activities, which belongs to the preparation for mating competition among males. They are the young cubs born and survived by a small number of life. Due to the highly specialized breeding ability and child rearing behavior of giant pandas, the population growth is very slow.

If the protection and management can not keep up, the number of docile giant pandas is declining, and they generally do not take the initiative to attack people or their children When he is an animal, when a giant panda hears an abnormal sound, he will immediately flee. The giant panda's vision is extremely underdeveloped. This is because the giant panda has lived in the dense bamboo forest for a long time, the light is very dark and the obstacles are very large, so its eyes become very short-sighted.

In addition, because its pupil is to the hair, Yiyang is crisscross, so as soon as the night falls, they are also active in many places in the world Giant pandas are endangered in China and only in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in order to find their existence.



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