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关于”目前盗版的现象比较严重“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:At present, the phenomenon of piracy is quite serious。以下是关于目前盗版的现象比较严重的高三英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:At present, the phenomenon of piracy is quite serious

I have heard a beautiful poem written by novelist Zhang Aimei. With a little adjustment, it can vividly depict the alienation between people in reality. "The further distance in the world is not between life and death, but I stand in front of you, your eyes turn to your smart phone, do not know I love you." smart phones are becoming more and more popular, becoming a kind of toxic compulsion, which has invaded our lives It's so common that smartphone addicts pay attention to their phones, ignore everything, even meet with friends.

They often take out their phones to take photos, check information, and even play a game that seems to be connected to the whole world. They actually disrupt the conversation and hurt our relationship. It's time to throw away the phone and look up and cherish it They often pull out the phone to take photos, or even meet with friends.

Your eyes turn to your smartphone, which seems to be connected with the whole world and ignore everything. The distance between life and death is not so common that those who are addicted to smart phones concentrate on their mobile phones. I heard a beautiful poem which can vividly describe the present Zhang Aimei, they are actually playing with the conversation and destroying the relationship.

They don't know that I love you, Pope, checking text messages and even playing games. When I stand in front of you, it has invaded our life and occupied all our free time. Smart phones are becoming more and more popular.

This is written by a novelist. They really cherish the people around us and enjoy the magnificent scenery in front of us. Now it's time for us to throw away our cell phone and raise it.

We look up.




According to a survey data, there are millions of Internet users in China, of whom the average time on the Internet is at least three hours. They share their daily life with others through the Internet, update their personal blogs and publish the least photos of them. However, a report says that more than% of teenagers are exposed to cyber violence on the Internet.

This report has aroused public concern What is cyber violence? It includes harassment, slander, abuse and exposure of personal affairs. As far as it is known, microblog and circle of friends are quite popular in China. People publish all their information on their own personal platforms, and their personal information is unlocked so that everyone can see it.

The problem is: some people may deliberately leave malicious words on other people's personal pages On the Internet, some people spread false information or slander others. The result of this behavior will lead to the victim's bad reputation. Why do people do this? Some people say it's interesting, or they just want to do something to prove that they are popular, or they want to become famous.

I think it's necessary to create a harmonious environment for Internet users, just like a Chinese saying As the old saying goes: you can't hear evil, you can't see evil, you can't say good things, you can't make bad words.




Now we know that the pollution in cities is becoming more and more serious, which is harmful to human health. So it is very important for us to discuss how to protect the environment. First, we can classify them.

Second, we can reuse newspapers and glass. Third, we can landfill harmful garbage to protect our health. Fourth, we must deal with waste and water treatment if the government can Sixth, we can invite some young people and some volunteers to help us publicize, so that people can enhance the awareness of protecting the environment.

In short, if someone is willing to protect the environment, it is our responsibility to protect the environment. I think our life will become more and more beautiful and elegant. Thank you for listening.



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